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ExitBliss empowers you, our client, with advanced courses and the latest & safest digital technology, during your Estate Planning stages, to reduce personal anguish and to provide clear and final directions about important documents regarding your belongings.

ExitBliss provides an extremely safe space, online, where you can easily upload and locate all your legal documents and store your necessary passwords for easy access afterwards.

You determine those levels of access and to whom.

You can also write personal, hand-written, last letters to loved ones. You may include other directions you would like to see, regarding your last wishes. You are in charge!



ExitBliss will bring the perfect boldness and energy for you to organize, plan, execute, and (online) notarize relevant documents with end-of-life planning tools. You wish to pass along your own created generational wealth without resulting chaos, and ExitBliss stands by your side.

At ExitBliss, we gently hold you accountable when it gets tough.

Planning Ease with ExitBliss

When you leave, your loved ones will be overwhelmed and partially in shock. Present-day technology and developments with cloud storage guarantee a greater level of security and safety than ever before, besides the obvious convenience of access any time of day.

Using ExitBliss’s combination of on-demand, personalized service, technology, you can assure your loved ones that you thought of what they would feel, and show your love for them in this caring fashion.

You have taken that most difficult decision to leave your legacy behind in the best possible way.

  1. To secure your important life memories and favorite photographs and/or videos.

2. To share important (legal) documents, with varying levels of access to different people (collaborators) if you so wish.

3. To safely store passwords.

4. To take and make better and informed decisions beforehand.

5. To provide clear instructions and care for all involved afterwards.

ExitBliss Engagements

We understand you don’t want to talk about planning for death ~

That’s why we host monthly events to get the conversation of life started. We let you discover how life-affirming and awe-inspiring talking about death can be. 

There’s no question about death and dying that is too small or too hard and it is a wonderful part of life when it is embraced.

We live in a society that tells you: “Don’t think about death, don’t talk about death.” However, aside from birth, death is the only experience we will all go through.

1. Try our free online Death Café discussion, held every month

2.  Book your free 20-min coaching session

3. Sign-up for an annual MEMBERSHIP

4. Pick a path or attend a retreat (together with an ExitBliss expert) to really finalize your memorials plans

5. Contribute your stories on our social media sites

Why ExitBliss

You are here to dream big dreams, and I want to help you preserve those dreams for those who follow in your footsteps: the passing along of generational wealth.

By looking at what you want your legacy to be.

I was confronted by the devastating loss of a loved one, someone very close to me, my mother dying at a young age. She had no will. I had to face judges, lawyers, executors, and other well-meaning people who charge you a fortune to explain what went wrong with your mother’s estate. 

Probate court, where you end up when there is no will made, is not for those afraid to open their mouths. I learned the hard way to speak up.

And so now I am here, speaking up for myself and others.

I don’t want to leave this legacy for my children, should I be in a car accident. I want them to know what is best for them, and how I want to be remembered in love and strength and courage.

I designed ExitBliss, with modules and workshops, to help you navigate this final journey and leave behind the legacy you worked so hard for.

~ Gloria Coleman, founder

To help the ones who love you.

Founder’s Bio


Gloria Coleman is the founder, president, and CEO of ExitBliss.

An Oregon native and millennial, Gloria embraces better technology, has a knack for encapsulating big ideas, and enjoys integrating all these relations on a very real human level to influence and improve flow in your personal matters. 

She’s also a determined, hard-working, loyal mama, with an inborn business woman acumen of someone who knows how to get things done.

Through personalized consultation, partnership, and expert guidance from a diverse network of professionals from all kinds of backgrounds, Gloria strengthens colleagues, friends, and family, everyone around her, with her innate abilities to add glitter and shine, sprinkled with positive energies.



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