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Our Founder

Gloria J Coleman

In 2016, our founder, Gloria Coleman, transitioned from corporate with nearly a decade of experience in healthcare and retail operations. Her expertise spanned project management, clinical HR, leadership & nonprofit succession planning, and knowledge-sharing stewardship. She dedicated herself to aiding teams in addressing business challenges with a strategic approach, defined processes, and a clear roadmap.

Venturing into consultancy as a mother of three was undoubtedly a bold move. However, it couldn’t deter a determined spirit from recognizing the need for more robust resources tailored to small businesses and teams ready for a positive change.

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Our Mission

To become your process partner for organizational legacy.

Our Vision

To gift cups of knowledge to
communities worldwide.

Our Passion

To co-create business playbooks for teams to implement positive changes.

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We can help tame the chaos!

Engaging Gloria, a motivational speaker known for her humor-infused presentations, is an excellent means to uplift and inspire various audiences, including students, employees, business teams, and LGBTQI+ groups.

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