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Corporate Testimonials

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Calvin Walker

Director, producer at nacawana project productions

I am recommending Gloria for her outstanding record of helping others in training and administrative expertise. She has proven time and time again that her passion for excellence sets an example of how far she will go to get things done. She is both a team leader and a team member, and she' great at both positions. She's just the best.


Gloria has been an invaluable asset in the process for us to create and documenting our systems, processes, and policies. Her meticulous organization skills quickly turned what seemed to be a daunting task into a manageable, enjoyable and rewarding process. If you are looking for someone to get you organized and keep you on the path I cannot recommend Gloria highly enough.

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Olu shonireggun

Program Manager at Nike
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Carletha williams


Gloria is a combination of what every organization wants on their team: goal-oriented, professional, well-spoken, and extremely talented in many aspects. Anytime I reached out to her with questions, she was not only quick to respond, she went above and beyond what was asked. She will bring a wealth of well-rounded knowledge and HR expertise to any small, medium, or large enterprise. The next place she chooses to work will be extremely lucky to have her.


Gloria worked as a consultant for our Operations Manual, which had a very demanding timeline and a myriad of complications. Gloria was incredibly effective in making sense of chaotic, sometimes poorly-documented systems. She worked very hard and always hit her deadlines. She is also very calm and patient, which was very refreshing when I deal with so much stress in my position at an under-resourced nonprofit. Gloria would make a stellar analyst whenever you need a smart, organized, and influential team player.

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Community Testimonials


Gloria is a thoughtful, innovative, reliable, and passionate volunteer at PHRMA. She has amazing ideas that help drive program enrollment and retention in our member development programs. As a Board Director, she saw a need to create a tool to help PHRMA effectively plan for future years and she took it upon herself to create it! We appreciate all Gloria has done for our Certification Study Group and now our mentorship program, and hope that she stays involved in our organization for years to come!

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Executive Director at Portland HR Management Association (PHRMA)
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Gloria is an amazing mentor. We connected through PDXWIT. She is a great coach and the best mentor, always ready to help. She is a wonderful person with lots of positivity.​

Career Testimonial

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MBA, PHR, ADAC Civil Rights Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Gloria at OHSU, where she excelled as co-chair of the Labor Management Committee. Her professionalism, positivity, and exceptional organizational skills stood out. Gloria's contributions significantly improved the working environment, making her an invaluable asset to our team and the university. I wholeheartedly recommend Gloria for any organization seeking her remarkable skills and optimistic outlook.


I had the great pleasure of working with Gloria at CDK. Gloria has an unequivocal talent to balance her ability to be a driver, when needed, and remain an active team player. Gloria developed workable action plans and made effective use of all available resources. She helped us to clearly establish project goals and objectives. She has a practical approach to problem-solving and sets realistic timetables to keep projects on target. She’s an effective communicator and excels at facilitating group discussions and/or meetings to help deliver on strategy. Gloria is a clutch player in work or project management. She always found creative ways to get the job done in a timely, cost-effective manner. A true pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her. She will be an incredible asset to any team.

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Nike / Product Manager: Enterprise Architecture Security Services
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Project And Operations Leader

Gloria is an asset to any team lucky enough to have her. In her time at Providence, she integrated into our department seamlessly and managed several higher-level projects with ease. From weekly metrics reporting to long-term data management projects, Gloria defined the project goals, planned the role for all team members, created clear plans for achieving the goal, provided clear weekly reports, and helped the department meet the necessary deadline. Having Gloria on our team for six months allowed us to make progress in key areas, including database development and process refinement, and contributed to three million dollars of savings for Providence.


Gloria has been an amazing working colleague and friend since I moved to Oregon 4 years ago. I met her at Nike and she has been nothing, but kind and welcoming to me. She has assisted me in meeting people in Oregon with similar life journey as me and has been active in providing assistance to grow my career. Gloria is a great person to reach out to if you need assistance networking and developing your community.

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Speaking Testimonials

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Fundraising, Author, Trainer, Coach

Gloria Coleman was a marvelous presenter at my New Power Fundraising Conference. She had the last session on the last day, and she brought the fire that kept everyone hanging on her every word until the very end! Not only that, but she is able to take scary topics like death and illness and succession planning and turn them into fun, meaningful, and useful takeaways. Her presentation was so important during a time of crisis, nonprofits closing, a pandemic causing hundreds of thousands of folks to die, and your organization would be lucky to have her as a presenter or coach. I felt so grateful for her calm clarity to cut through the chaos. I hope to ask her back to speak again next year!


Getting our policies and procedures in place was a daunting task for us. When we tried in the past, it took us too much time because we didn't know where to start. Gloria helped us document and file our procedures so that our team and any new team members could easily find the information they needed. I want to thank Gloria for the advice and help she gave us to improve our procedures and grow our non profit.

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Abby G.

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Jimmy D.


Gloria has been such a huge and vital help to the rollout and implementation of our learning platform in our company! Through weekly calls, she provided numerous ways of content documentation, organization and creative ways to engage our employees. With about 85 employees and growing, we now have the platform up and running and are efficiently and accurately training each new hire and our existing employees. Thank you, Gloria!

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