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At ExitBliss, we believe that no question about the end-of-life process should go unasked, and we seek to offer empowerment, clarity, and transparency in all that we do.

Why do you have memberships?

ExitBliss has chosen for a membership business model because you, our client, will receive the greatest benefit that way. The relationship between the client and ExitBiss is necessarily one of accountability and safety for all parties.

In order to provide the latest technology and simultaneously share the documentation required for proper knowledge building, the stability from a steady yearly budget helps the solid founding of ExitBliss, in all its facets online and through the holding of workshops, training sessions, future retreats, and events, and its team.

Why are you asking me not to share ExitBliss’s checklists and other documentation?

I thought I purchased it with my membership.

Gloria Coleman, the principal, and ExitBliss founder, and the ExitBliss team have worked hard and many hours to put together a series of thoughtful – yet challenging on a personal level – packages.

During the online workshops, the documents encompassing these packages are shared for your personal benefit and use for your situation in life, at this time.

Your purchase through membership entitles you to precisely that singular (one) use; however, we cannot stop you from sharing any documentation. It is given to you in pdf format so that you can upload it after you finish filling it in.

ExitBliss provides the professional levels of accountability towards you and your personal wishes through providing access to the checklists, documentation, professional resources that have been vetted, and/or the weekly sessions. These documents are to level up your involvement. We trust you to do your part and we do ours. That is how we do business.

How does ExitBliss work?

I am confused by the Digital Vault part and the Rose Quartz membership and other gem packages. Please explain.

ExitBliss comprises a two-pronged model. One prong encompasses the added value of ExitBliss by the Rose Quartz membership and other gemstone packages. The other gemstone packages build on the minimal Rose Quartz membership and then add more services.

For instance, the Amethyst package has the same benefits as Rose Quartz with the additional purchase of the 1:1 session, and therefore more expensive.

The Labradorite package consists of the annual Rose Quartz membership and a 4-week program and where we group you together with other, like-minded, and situated-in-life folks.

And there is the Aquamarine package that functions as a retreat and you get a whole day’s worth of personal attention and work.

Other gemstone packages in different variations will be introduced as demand requests and ExitBliss sees fitting.

The second prong is the portal to online digital vault storage platforms, such as Easement. ExitBliss highly recommends you consider using this service as your document repository for safe and secure storage, with the possibility of adding collaborators (your loved ones and any professionals required for your estate).

What are collaborators?

Collaborators are what we call the folks, family or friends, professionals you work with such as your attorney or CPA, your designated executor, who may need access to your online documents, before, during, and after you make your final decisions regarding your estate.

How do we know that our Guides, Processes, & Templates work?

Our combined experience in different industries, performing several industry roles in an international context for companies of different sizes gave and still gives us the opportunity to build a wide range of best practices and to challenge and improve them continuously.

We ask for regular feedback from our customers, we learn from each other as colleagues and we maintain an extensive network of experts and other business professionals to ensure that we understand the current expectations, can anticipate future needs, see how our tools work in practice and how we can improve them.

How can you customize the ExitBliss Templates?

The resources that you ingest on the membership dashboard can contain documents that are pdf’s and most are not available to be editable in Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, or Word, to protect our intellectual property. You are of course not allowed to commercialize the resources or products, either online or offline. See our Terms & Conditions for more info on dos & don’ts.

Please note that the Companion guides that you obtain when attending a program, workshop, or retreat, only serve as high-level manuals for you in applying all the particular knowledge, to help you understand templates, and they should be used for that purpose only.

Each of the executable tools only offer “Save As” capabilities in a non-customizable, non-editable tool format. This creates a culture of sustainability to only print those necessary documents that will require legalization for making it final.

The goal is to move you towards using digital estate cloud-based platforms that will give you 24/7 access to your life’s information to give you the accessibility of retrieval with ease, wherever, whenever.

Why should you engage with ExitBliss?

It is our honor and privilege to help guide you through your paperwork in a friendly, safe, open environment filled with good humor, love, laughter, fun music, and great food.

Imagine the alternative: confronting these issues for the first time in an emergency situation in a hospital, when you least expect it, under traumatic circumstances. If you’ve lost someone close to you, you will know the overwhelming feeling of taking care of every detail.

Why not take care of it today in a stress-free environment? Attendees leave the party with a very specific idea of what information is needed should something happen to them.

Do we offer private consultations?

Some clients have asked that we visit their loved ones personally, rather than in a group setting. Elderly parents/relatives/friends might not want to fill out their departure paperwork in such a public setting, or perhaps they are simply unable to leave their home due to health or mobility issues.

We are happy to meet with your loved ones privately in the comfort of their own home or chosen space. Please contact us for pricing.

Corporate involvement

We believe businesses should provide this paperwork to every employee!

If you are the owner of a business, ExitBliss will happily guide employees through our paperwork in conference rooms or corporate retreats.

What are ExitBliss primary communication methods?

Our coaches are looking forward to sharing this incredible, transformative experience with you! Hence we provide a free 20-minute strategy consultation in a block of hours on Thursday evenings.

Please note that we are based in Oregon and on Pacific Standard Time.

Each potential member is entitled to 1 free strategy call, after which we ask you to purchase our introductory coaching package. That includes a 1-year membership to continue the conversation.

This allows us to provide you the value you seek and also compensates us for our time.

Who should use ExitBliss?

ExitBliss can be used by adults of all ages. It is a dynamic planning experience that adapts to your life situation. Everyone will die someday, so we should all give a bit of thought to our preferences. ExitBliss is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to:

– Unburden their loved ones from having to make these decisions for them someday

– Make sure their wishes are known and followed

– Get guidance on what planning they should do

– Know if the planning they have already done is sufficient

– Help their aging parents plan

– Protect their children or spouse should anything happen to them

– Protect their pets and other types of dependents by providing accordingly

– Have more peace of mind and perspective

Each and every one of us should have a say in how we live our lives, from beginning to end. Gift your loved ones with the information they will need someday to make it easier on them.

Do I need to download any software on my computer or phone?

No. ExitBliss is web-based system, which means you do not need to download anything.

You can access and manage your ExitBliss account by logging into our website ( from any web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer and access your personal Dashboard once you become a member.

Can I download or print my tools & resources?

No! Please.

We believe that providing a digital home for all of your preferences and documents is essential. We recognize that some planners like to print out their plans on paper, but we are on a mission to increase our digital footprint versus our ecological footprint.

You can download or print anything you retrieve from ExitBliss Partners sites. Likewise, if you share your membership credentials or resources with someone, the same conditions apply.

What if I change my end-of-life preferences in the future?

We fully expect your wishes to evolve as you live your life!

The beauty of having a digital plan is that you can update it anytime. You can do this easily by using a digital estate platform, and for which we provide recommendations within our Partnership Marketplace. Likewise, if you create new legal documents (even on paper), it’s a snap to upload the latest version to these platforms.

These profiles are designed to be a single source of truth for your most current end-of-life plans.

Are ExitBliss end-of-life resources, tools, templates legally binding?

We don’t provide a plan, rather we provide a process to guide you to create important legal documents to protect your end-of-life wishes.

Legal healthcare documents
We help you understand which healthcare documents you need to create, where to find them, and how to complete them:

– Health care proxy
– Living will (some states combine the two under one document)

Once your document is legal by your state’s standards, upload it to your digital estate platform for safekeeping and sharing.

Legal wills

With ExitBliss, you will have asked yourself those important questions to start thinking about dependents and any and all assets you would need to protect. We help you prepare and create a will by guiding you to the providers.

You will be better prepared. You can use your answers to have a more productive, well-informed, will-writing session with a lawyer or estate attorney (and spend less time). Once your will has been completed and executed, upload it to your digital estate platform for safekeeping and sharing as you want.

Decisions that don’t need to be “legally binding”

Not all end-of-life decisions need to be in legal documents to come true. For example, if you want to play Lil Jon or The Dixie Chicks at your funeral, your loved ones just have to know about it for them to carry this out.

The most important thing for these types of decisions is to make sure they are known so that they can be honored.

As you attend trainings and retreats at ExitBliss, we generate documents that record your wishes for the things like a funeral, memorial, legacy, and pet care decisions.

While these planning documents don’t need to be legally binding, they provide invaluable guidance to your loved ones to carry out your wishes and honor your life in the way that is most true to who you are.

I’ve already done my planning on paper. Should I sign up for this?

It’s great if you have already written down your end-of-life wishes!

However, a worry many planners express is that their paper documents might not be found by family when they are needed. For example, will your family remember that you have a binder or packet of documents on the desk?

Think of ExitBliss as a dashboard of resources that guides you to create an online binder for all of your current end-of-life wishes and documents. Use our partner sites to upload all of the planning you have already done and create a safe space for passwords to all those sites where you’ve done business or ordered stuff.

We’ll also help you explore other preferences that most traditional planning tools do not cover.

When you share your digital estate profile with your loved ones, you have confidence that they have 24/7 access to your planning from a secure cloud. With one of our partner sites, you can easily grant or revoke access to anyone. If you update your plan on these partner sites, the people you have shared with will always see the most up-to-date version of your plan.

I’ve already done some planning with another resource already. Should I use this?

No matter what planning you’ve already done, you’ll find value in using our free tool to explore a number of ideas and options other resources may not have presented to you.

Our checklists and process maps can also help you audit the planning you’ve done so far.

I already have a will. What does ExitBliss offer that a will does not?

A will is a great start! However, there are many end-of-life preferences that a standard will do not always address. Many of our users already have a will, but still, find enormous value from ExitBliss.

We help you think through the personal, human preferences that will overlook:

  • Detailed wishes for end-of-life medical care
  • Ideas for a more personalized and comforting funeral
  • Ideas for unique ways to memorialize someone
  • A digital asset plan (e.g., social media, online accounts, etc.)
  • Continued care plan for pet(s)

ExitBliss helps uncover your values across all areas of life so you can be clearer on your preferences, and so your loved ones can be clear on them, too.

I don’t want to think about death. Should I sign up for this?

We completely understand that thinking about death can be challenging. That is why we gently guide you on how to get started and enable you to go at your own pace, plan as much as feels right to you at that time in your life.

And for many of our users, thinking about the end of life can be a motivating factor to live life to the fullest. It can put things in perspective and give you and your loved ones more peace of mind.

Setting aside time to reflect, and talking to the people who matter most to you – that form of planning is a very considerate act that comes from love and a desire to honor life.

I find death unpleasant and/or scary. Should I sign up for this?

One way to cope with negative feelings around death is to sit with them and then prepare.

We cannot control the circumstances, but we can control how we live and how we plan.

We can prevent our loved ones from having to make difficult decisions without guidance from us. This is why we built ExitBliss: to empower our clients and users to shape lasting legacies and share end-of-life decisions with the key people in their lives.

I don’t care what happens after I die. I’ll be gone.

Not caring what happens after you die is a totally valid preference! You can use ExitBliss to explore other aspects of mortality that you might not have been aware of and may have an opinion about.

For instance, you can use the ExitBliss dashboard and checklists to make sure your family knows that you don’t care, and that they are free to make their own decisions.

I want to help a non-tech savvy person in my life get their affairs in order. How can I use ExitBliss to do that?

We think the best way to do this is to first familiarize yourself with the DIY planning process. Next, set aside some time to sit down beside your loved ones and walk them through the process in person.

I want my loved one to do some planning with ExitBliss, but they are resistant. How can I encourage them to do this?

One of the most effective ways to encourage someone to plan is to plan for yourself first! Lead by example. Share your plan with them, and set aside time to discuss your preferences.

This helps them better understand that every responsible adult should do some planning, and makes it a lot easier for you to say, “We’ve talked about my wishes, but now I really want to know what matters to you. I worry about having to make these decisions for you someday. ExitBliss made it easier for me to plan. Would you like to give it a try?”

How did you come up with the content and questions presented in the Cake platform?

Gloria and the ExitBliss team have spent hundreds of hours collocating and consulting with experts to develop the content and decision-making tools. We’ve worked distilling material written by palliative care physicians, social workers, wealth managers, estate attorneys, and funeral planners.

We want to break down these tough topics into simpler, bite-size decisions to make planning easier on you.

Will you add more content to the ExitBliss membership platform?

Yes, we are. We are always updating and improving our tool to be more useful. If you have suggestions, we want to hear them! Send your thoughts to, please and thank you.

What happens to my plan if ExitBliss isn’t around in 100 years?

Rest assured, you will not lose any planning you do with ExitBliss because you’ll have the process engrained!

That said, we understand the concern some people may have about saving their end-of-life plans online with a company. Our digital solution providers are committed to protecting the information in your profile, no matter what the future holds.

You own all of the personal information in these profiles, and you can download or print your plans at any time. In the event ExitBliss would need to cease operations, we would ensure our clients and users receive access to the member-only documents for saving locally or digital safekeeping elsewhere in a timely fashion.

Why isn’t ExitBliss free?

Our primary goal is to help as many people as possible to successfully complete their end-of-life planning.

Your personal membership dashboard has valuable tools and sourced resources, to show you the process that others charge hundreds of dollars for. For services and products, we offer workshops, trainings and coaching services to deliver exactly that. It costs money to run all these services and we have chosen for a membership model with tailored programs to cover those charges.

We also make money by promoting our affiliate partners who offer services and products that our clients and users will appreciate, and by working with enterprise partners to create tailored programs for specific requirements.

Is my profile secure and private? Can I trust ExitBliss with my data?

Yes and yes! The ExitBliss team takes your security very seriously.

We do not store or save any payment information, which is done via payment gateways PayPal/WooCommerce, nor do we allow you to save content on our site; instead, you consume information than us ingesting information.

ExitBliss is GDPR compliant for our European users, which simply means we abide by strict European Union rules for handling, protecting, and allowing users to manage their own data. We are trusted by organizations like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and the City of Boston.

When you use the third-party digital estate platforms through ExitBliss, the access is completely private to you and only you by default. This means that we only access the data you give us permission to view or see when we are conducting 1:1 consultations.

We recommend that you share your digital estate profile with the important people in your life; that is how you get value out of your ExitBliss dashboard educational resources. Your planning is only helpful if your loved ones can access it. You can always “unshare” your profile if your preferences or your relationships change.

ExitBliss does not sell or share personally identifiable information (PII) with any third party. We are committed to protecting your privacy and security, as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

ExitBliss is a great idea. How can I help you make it?

What if I simply want to donate to ExitBliss? I am attending a free event, and I really want to support this idea.

Well, that is certainly a nice question! You can always donate to a for-profit-business, however, you cannot deduct your donation from your income taxes. Deducting your donation is only possible when you donate to a 501(c)(3) organization which ExitBliss is not.

How do I end my subscription to ExitBliss?

What happens if I decide to stop with ExitBliss before the end of my yearly subscription?

ExitBliss operates with an automatic renewal policy for your membership, as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Should you not want to continue, you can stop your membership at any time during your membership year in your settings; however, the online documents and platform membership will remain available until the last day of your annual subscription.

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