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  • Tailored Expertise: Our consultancy is dedicated to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities specific to non-profit and government entities.
  • Proven Impact: We have a track record of driving measurable results, empowering organizations to achieve their missions efficiently.
  • Holistic Support: Beyond strategic planning, our executive coaching provides comprehensive support, ensuring your leadership team is well-equipped for sustained success.
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Mission Clarity, Team Empowerment, Strategic Excellence

In the ever-evolving terrain of non-profit and government entities, realizing impactful missions demands not only vision but strategic prowess. At Exit Bliss, we excel in propelling your organization to new heights by refining your mission, empowering your team, and crafting a strategic plan that optimizes your impact.

Your Strategic Partner in Success

We understand the challenges faced by executive directors, C-suite executives, and administrators. Our mission is to collaborate with your leadership team, providing the expertise and guidance needed to strengthen your mission, align your team, and ensure accountability for impactful action.

Comprehensive Professional Development

Empower your team's growth with our comprehensive range of professional development workshops and coaching sessions. Specifically crafted for the distinctive requirements of non-profit and government organizations, our programs aim to equip your team with the skills and insights essential for navigating and conquering complex challenges. Elevate your organization's capabilities with our tailored approach to professional development.

Strategic Sessions and Board Retreats

Elevate your path to organizational excellence by entrusting us to lead your upcoming strategy session or board retreat. Our expert facilitation guarantees more than just energized goals – it delivers a dedicated team of stakeholders and a precise roadmap for the journey ahead. Let us amplify your success with a strategic collaboration that leaves no room for ambiguity

Executive Coaching for Effective Leadership

Leadership is an intricate journey, and we stand ready to provide unwavering support at every turn. At Exit Bliss, our executive coaching services seamlessly integrate strategy, accountability, and the personalized touch our clients affectionately refer to as 'business therapy.' Engaging in weekly private coaching sessions, we assist you in refining your leadership style, making strategic decisions, and confidently navigating complex challenges. Let us be your steadfast partner on the path to leadership excellence.

Reach out to us on 424-446-0677 and discover how partnering with Exit Bliss can lead to enduring success.

Capacity Building Coaching

Nonprofits led by communities of color, women, LGTBQ face significant challenges that can’t be solved by traditional capacity-building methodologies.

One-time grants or projects are not the answer, as our communities are constantly changing and shifting, requiring organizations to follow suit. Dynamic grassroots organizations need ongoing solutions customized to their structure, community, and budget.

Together we work with our partners to identify strategies, goals, priorities, and key elements of their organization, as well as building systems or infrastructure that allow organizations to better carry out their mission in sustainable and equitable ways.

Some capacity building services include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizational assessments
  • Strategy or vision support
  • Work plan support
  • Board training
  • Team building and communications support
  • Succession planning
  • Facilitating team retreats

We usually work on 2 to 3 processes over a 3-month span.

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Ready to take your non-profit or government entity to the next level? Contact us at 424-446-0677 to explore how Exit Bliss can be your strategic partner in achieving lasting impact.

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Gloria Coleman was a marvelous presenter at my New Power Fundraising Conference. She had the last session on the last day, and she brought the fire that kept everyone hanging on her every word until the very end! Not only that, but she is able to take scary topics like death and illness and succession planning and turn them into fun, meaningful, and useful takeaways. Her presentation was so important during a time of crisis, nonprofits closing, a pandemic causing hundreds of thousands of folks to die, and your organization would be lucky to have her as a presenter or coach. I felt so grateful for her calm clarity to cut through the chaos. I hope to ask her back to speak again next year!​
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Fundraising, Author, Trainer, Coach​
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