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Make ExitBliss Dashboard your one-stop shop for Life & Death transitions

Gather Your Essential Vitals & Identification
Birth Certificate
Drivers License
Divorce Decree
Social Security Card
Citizenship Docs
Armed Forces ID
Marriage Certificate
6-Step DIY Estate Planning
Collect Essential Info
One Task At a Time
Build your Legacy Team
Finalize & Notarize
No Excuses
Trust but Validate
Source Affordable Legal Docs

Attend a demo session to see the digital vault in action

Death Positivity
Avoid probate courts
Share Stories
Reduce the Trauma
Put the FUN in Funeral
Create the Life you want
Get an End-of-Life Strategy
Build Generational Wealth
Own your Pathway
End-of-Life Knowledge Sharing
Annual Death Mixer Conference
Get updates on legislation
Roadmaps for Life
VIP Member Only Events
New Products & Services
Embrace Death Tech
No pressure, more PEACE
Cool Checklists & Templates
Action Plans

Reasons to become an ExitBliss member and stay a member


When you sign-up for an ExitBliss membership account you’ll receive access to:

  • Our Referral Directory of premium services, tools and solutions   
  • Save hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars searching for people & tools you’ll need for life transitions
  • Earn points to redeem towards future memberships, member only events, and/or coaching sessions with every workshop or retreat purchase

We help you navigate your priorities and work with you to get your tasks done. If you want to use the session to complete documents, then we help you get the documents* completed.

Notarization is the official fraud-deterrent process that assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic, and can be trusted. It is a three-part process, performed by a Notary Public, that includes of vetting, certifying and record-keeping.

Notarizations are sometimes referred to as “notarial acts.” All staff members are able to officially notarize your documents.

Facilitate the transition of crucial information to your next of kin or legacy contact.

This helps organize things like accounts and important documents that can be hard to talk about, hard to organize, and hard to manage.

Our Events on EventBrite give members discount codes for signing up through at a discounted rate. For example: the Letter to Loved Ones Workshop non-member fee is $25; ExitBliss members will get an Eventbrite discount code to pay a $10 rate.

Automatically locate and apply promo codes at checkout to save you the cost of seeing an attorney

Find recommendations & tools to get unstuck

Read the ExitBliss Educational Guides to learn about preparing for the inevitable 

Not to mention the discounts you’ll receive at our partner sites just for being an ExitBliss member

Energy Boosting Packages

$ 75 Annual Investment
  • Library of Life & Death Resources with freebies
  • Member-only invites & Partner events at discounted rates
  • 6-Step DIY Estate Plan Process & Checklist
  • Free Admission to Annual Death Mixer ($150 value)
Coaching Session
$ 150 initial Investment w/membership
  • 1 Coaching Session (45min) + Annual Membership
  • Discounted Coaching Sessions after initial call
  • Personal introductions & referrals to our Partners
  • Assistance to complete Estate paperwork before legal review
Eco-Friendly Pre-Planning1-day Memorial Retreat
$ 250
  • Plan a Party to Die For- Become the Peacemaker in the time of chaos by initially scoping funeral related activities
  • Funding the Dispose of Remains
  • Understanding Funeral Costs v. Eco-Friendly options
  • Family Communication Strategies
  • Obituary & Program Designs
  • Funeral Planning Checklist & Cultural Resources
Empowered Executors -The Day Life Depends on Others
$ 250
  • “When you are taking your last breath…who’LL BE your voice? Your Executor will need access to your pertinent documents, a level head, and a crisis plan to guide them to ensure your life and the estate is dissolve in compliance with laws!
  • Diminish family conflicts with a digital estate
  • Divvy up responsibilities
  • Avoid probate and expensive court fees
  • Explore Executor tools to track all after death affairs
Half-Day Workshop Design a flawless obituary
$ 125
  • Design an obituary everyone will remember by knowing what to include and choosing the photo you want
  • Learn essential elements to include
  • Ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors
  • Save your loved ones time looking for pertainent details
  • Source cool Obituary & Program Designs
  • Obituary Writing Checklist
Half-Day Workshop AnnualLiving Refreshed
$ 125
  • “Have you considered The Five D’s: Death, Disability, Disaster, Divorce, Disagreement“
  • 5-Step Annual Estate Refresh Checklist
  • Workplan for Future Life Changes
  • Documented Transitions: Wins
  • Source resources to get unstuck
  • Update, Finalize & Notorize Paperwork
Peer-Group Estate Planning Program
$ 300
  • Scope your estate plan to build upon the DIY Baseline Plan
  • Build your Legacy Team
  • Understanding How to Transfer Assets
  • Family Communication Strategies
  • 15+ Checklist, worksheets & digital tools options
  • 90-Day Game Plan to complete outstanding items
Business Owners Succession Exit Strategy Program
$ 300
  • Mind Your Business- Avoid conflicts related to business interests in case of sudden death or incapacitation
  • 10-Step Organization Exit Checklist
  • Diminish a Conflict of Interest
  • Family business seccession planning
  • Mediation coaching for business conflcts
  • Business Scorecards & Assessments
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