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Writing An Obituary Everyone Wants Before Grief Strikes

If your loved one just passed away, you may be wondering, “How do I write an obituary? Don’t worry, ExitBliss members are already prepared!

In your time of grief, you may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of writing an obituary.

You may not be sure what to say or worry that you’ll forget important facts and information, or that the obit won’t fully communicate the depth and meaning of your loved one’s life.

In our half-day workshop we give you the step-by-step guide to preparing all of the essential elements in an obituary.

We also know that people often feel alone and overwhelmed as they check out estate planning. We host intimate virtual peer support groups of 10-15 individuals across the globe.

We offer this workshop once a month, every third Saturday evening. It is facilitated by an ExitBliss expert and will focus on support, resource sharing, and accountability.

Should you want more privacy, we offer 1:1 program resources as well.

Part 1: Obituary Guidelines

Understand what the funeral homes will charge you a fee for when it comes to writing your full obituary for you based off an obituary checklist

Part 2 - Obituary Checklist

Review the checklist of the biographical information you can include, at your discretion. Provide as much, or as little, as you feel comfortable sharing.

Part 3 - Unique Personalization

Sometimes a short message, a short prayer or a meaningful line from a poem is placed at the end. These messages are optional, but can be a way of communicating something that did not fit into the body of the obituary.

Part 4: Picture Me in Glee

A photo can also be a visual reminder of your loved one. Some people elect to share an old photo, but if friends don’t recognize the person in the photo, they may not read the obituary

Planning a blissful exit course

Mind Your Business- Avoid conflicts related to business interests in case of sudden death or incapacitation


Plan a Party to Die For- Become the Peacemaker in the time of chaos by initially scoping funeral related activities

What you’ll learn

Learn what an obituary entails and why it is so powerful to get it done right
Feel confident in making sure all details are included
Know how to tailor special messages
Storing your design where it can be updated annually
Timeline for publishing an obituary
Consolidate all your biographical info into a sketch
Choosing how to communicate sadness with softer words besides DIED
Understand how much relief you provide to your loved ones when you do it yourself

The Value You Get


We care about you, your preferences, and your family. We help you plan the best for yourself and give you a way to speak when you can’t.

We are on a mission to help after you leave and safeguard the legacy continuum with integrity that fulfills your wishes. This way we contribute and pay back to y/our community. Join this noble cause!

So we are striving to give you enough flexibility to make choices and choose between the Low Tech OR High-Tech version. You Can Choose!


There are no pre-requisites for this course. We explain everything from the ground up

Half-Day workshop – Flawless Obituaries

“Do you really want your family to use your passport photo on the cover of your obituary?

It’s a crazy world out there, and we understand your need to be heard and understood. Because people are different, we host intimate virtual peer support groups of 10-15 individuals across the globe. Or 1:1 should you prefer.

We meet monthly, on the third Saturday of the month in the evening. Groups are facilitated by an ExitBliss Coach and focus on support, resource sharing, and accountability.

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

  1. We believe writing an obituary is both a great honor — and a great responsibility… Good obituaries are about a person’s life, not death. The obituary of a loved one should provide fond memories, honor special occasions, and publicly declare a very real impact on the world.
  2. Confidence in knowing how the obituary is truly a life story which announces the passing of a member of the community, to which they belonged. An obituary provides mourners and friends with information about the funeral and how they can properly pay their respects to both the deceased and the remaining loved ones.
  3. You get to join your peers to navigate the stories of life and build on similarities to get everything important organized once & for all. Plus you get to ask me questions and watch me respond to every single one of them with intention and as thoughtfully as I can!

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants a complete overview of Estate Planning and certainty that they are getting the facts
A head-of-household that wants to prepare for life transitions
Individuals without children who want to understand what to do with their assets
Separated parents that need to put guardianship plans in place in case one parent passing away
An Individual who started but never finished their estate plan and wants a concise, quick refresher

Peer Groups

An intimate group of peers who want that sense of community, support and space to discuss, take action, and celebrate success for each other’s progress


A “private” person is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful and introspective. Usually want 1:1 support or would rather have the tools to DIY

Exitbliss Toolkits Help You in Following Way

Get started with what matters the most
Reference your document repository
Choose your Representative to speak for you
Post-death roadmap and execution planning
Improve resolution and avoid conflicts
Put your thoughts on paper to pen your legacy
Equitable networking opportunities
Make most of your decisions while you’re alive
Get your wishes honored
Safeguard important estate planning contents


Half-Day Workshop Design a flawless obituary
$ 125
  • Design an obituary everyone will remember by knowing what to include and choosing the photo you want
  • Learn essential elements to include
  • Ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors
  • Save your loved ones time looking for pertainent details
  • Source cool Obituary & Program Designs
  • Obituary Writing Checklist
Half-Day Workshop AnnualLiving Refreshed
$ 125
  • “Have you considered The Five D’s: Death, Disability, Disaster, Divorce, Disagreement“
  • 5-Step Annual Estate Refresh Checklist
  • Workplan for Future Life Changes
  • Documented Transitions: Wins
  • Source resources to get unstuck
  • Update, Finalize & Notorize Paperwork
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