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ExitBliss Trainings Help You in the Following Ways
Get started with what matters the most
Reference your document repository
Choose your Representative to speak for you
Post-death roadmap and execution planning
Improve resolution and avoid conflicts
Put your thoughts on paper to pen your legacy
Equitable networking opportunities
Make most of your decisions while you’re alive
Get your wishes honored
Safeguard important estate planning contents



Labradorite: Estate planning programs

Four-week, peer-facilitated trainings

We can’t prevent death or disasters, but we can make ourselves more resilient to their impacts.

Start planning your own end-of-life affairs with this four-week course.
It’s perfect for caregivers and non-caregivers, anyone who needs a complete overview of estate planning, or anyone who wants to prepare for life’s toughest transition. Together, we’ll focus on organization and support.
Organization: We’ll help you organize all of your documents and other important affairs. You’ll actively manage end-of-life plans, and you’ll work directly with a facilitator who will monitor your progress and help navigate you to key milestones.

Support: We also know that people often feel isolated, disconnected, undervalued and under-resourced as they venture into the estate planning space, so our retreats join together peers to connect. As part of our estate planning retreats, we host intimate virtual support groups of 6-8 individuals across the globe.
Groups are available for individuals across the estate spectrum– whether you have few assets few assets, no dependents, blended families, a new relationship, or a co-parenting situation, we have a group that fits your needs! Members are also matched to a group based on planning stage so that you’re surrounded by others experiences the same challenges and successes as you.
These groups meet weekly (90 minutes for four weeks), are facilitated by an Exit Bliss expert, and focus on support, resource sharing, and accountability. Should you want more privacy, we offer 1:1 programming as well.

What you’ll learn:
•The essentials of estate documents
•Empowerment through a digital estate
•Confidence in sharing your final decisions
•Techniques and agendas to deliver estate plans to loved ones
•Information (financial and medical ) consolidation
•Taking inventory of assets and valuables
•transferring caregiver responsibilities
•Consistently updating your estate plans

Estate planning program
Courses in two pathways for both caregivers and adults without dependents.
Cost: $300 each

•Choosing guardians to care for your dependents
•Digitally notarize estate paperwork to secure safety
•Support groups or 1:1 mentoring
•15+ checklists, worksheets, and digital tool options
•90-day game plan to complete outstanding items

Aventurine: Business Succession Program

Four-week, business strategy exit trainings

A lack of generational wealth depletes our community. Aventurine aligns conditions so “Opportunity” becomes the inevitable success.”

Reshape your story to impact your mental wealth with our business succession program. A succession strategy is essential for all businesses to ensure the smooth transition of assets, finances, positions, and business operations in the event of a death. Even tragic and unexpected deaths can and should be planned for.

In our business succession program, our ExitBliss business coaches will highlight the assessments and scorecards to get your transition plans created and shared. We show you how to monitor your progress, too, so that the plan can be revisited and revised as your business grows and changes.

This course is essential for all entrepreneurs and business owners. We will provide concrete and attainable levels of comprehension to make arrangements for your business before it’s too late. Planning ahead ensures smooth changeovers at ownership and management levels and minimizes any negative effects of departures on the company.


What you’ll learn:

•Assess your own business
•Choose successors
•Distributing generational wealth
•Mediating business conflict
•Create a seamless transition plan

•Build a six-month action plan

Business Succession Program

Course for all business owners: family-owned businesses, business participants who want to transfer assets to children or others, small business owners, and people preparing for life’s greatest and most difficult transition.
Cost: $300

•10-step organization exit checklist
•Diminishing conflicts of interest
•Family business succession planning
•Meditation coaching for business conflicts
•Business scorecards& assessment techniques



Workshop Requirements

Willingness to learn and put in the work to hit the ground running

Tourmaline: Design A Flawless Obituary

A half-day workshop dedicated to perfecting a memorial

A half-day workshop dedicated to perfecting a memorial
In your time of grief, you may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of writing an obituary.
You may not be sure what to say, or you might even forget important facts and information. Many worry that the obituaries they write won’t fully communicate the depth and meaning of their loved ones’ lives,

In our half-day workshop, we guide you step-by-step guide to prepare all of the essential elements in an obituary. We go through guidelines and checklists together, talk about unique personalization, and discuss photo-related decisions.

As part of this workshop, we also host 1:1 support sessions or intimate virtual peer support groups of 10-15 individuals for those feeling alone and overwhelmed by the loss of loved ones.

This workshop is offered once a month, every third Saturday evening from 3-7 PM, and is facilitated by an ExitBliss expert.

Cost: $125

•Essential obituary elements checklist
•Guide to memorable, kind, & impactful writing
•Tailoring customized messages
•Detail confirmation and writing checklists
•Obituary proofreading
•Obituary & program design plans
•Obituary preservation, storage, and updating
•Obituary timelines

Who this course is for:

Anyone who refuses to follow suit & wants to design their own AWEsome obituary!
Anyone who desires a complete overview of what to include in an obituary

Kunzite: Living Refreshed

A half-day workshop for auditing estate plans

“Consider The Five Ds: Death, Disability, Disaster, Divorce, and Disagreement.

Want to make sure that your estate plans are on the right path? We understand that there’s a lot to keep track of, and we know that a misstep could cause financial or legal problems that you don’t need.

That’s why our Living Refreshed workshop will give you the validation you’re seeking. Together, we’ll consider the 5 D’s: death, disability, disaster, divorce, and disagreements. We’ll cover every aspect of your estate planning to make sure that you are fully equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

This is the second opinion you’ve been looking for.

This workshop is offered once a month, every third Saturday evening from 3-7 PM, and is facilitated by an ExitBliss expert.

Cost: $125

•5-step annual refresh checklist
•Work plan for future life changes
•Documented transitions: wins
•Source resources to get unstuck
•Updating, finalizing, and notarizing paperwork

Take this course if you are:

Someone who is tired of viewing ugly obituary photos & refuses to end up in the same boat
Someone who wants a roadmap of obituary dos and don’ts

Virtual Retreats


One-Day Retreat Requirements

Willingness to learn and put in the work to hit the ground running

Planning for major events in your life — your wedding, new jobs, and having children — is important, but it’s also important to plan for the end of your life.

Too often, we avoid talking about death and planning for it, despite its inevitable nature. However, the cost and preparations required for funerals are always increasing. Funerals and memorial services double in cost every 7-10 years, so a growing number of people are choosing to plan and pay for their funerals in advance. According to the National Funeral Directors Association’s latest consumer survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans acknowledge the importance of making pre-arrangements.

By pre-planning your funeral, you can assure your last wishes are carried out, removing the guesswork and stress placed upon your surviving family members. By pre-paying for a funeral, you can also be assured that the financial burden of paying for final expenses does not fall on others.

Our virtual, one-day retreats empower you to make these tough decisions ahead of time, lessening the burden left behind for loved ones. These trainings will teach you to structure and organize your life, to prepare yourself and your family, and to speak for yourself before it’s too late.

What you’ll learn:
•Acknowledging your mortality
•Confidence in creating & sharing your final wishes
•Choosing how your remains are cared for
•Understanding sustainable & eco-friendly options
•Negotiating funeral expenses
•Cost-planning strategies
•Creating plans for your future
•Delivering complex arrangements to executors
•Explaining decisions to family members
•Techniques to pass along generational wealth
•How to help others (including our pets) when they are dying

Fluorite: The Day Your Life Depends On Others

A one-day virtual retreat to empower executors

When you are taking your last breath … who will BE your voice? Your Executor will need access to your pertinent documents, a level head, and a crisis plan to guide them to ensure your life and the estate is dissolve in compliance with laws.

When a loved one passes away, everyone they leave behind carries on their legacy. The deceased’s executor, however, carries the highest responsibility.

To oversee for a loved one’s final expenses while honoring their wishes and caring for family is a big task. This retreat, built especially for those preparing for the passing of someone close, will help you choose or become the executor your loved ones deserve.

Attendees will learn about balancing final requests with the demands of family members, organizing post-mortem events, maintaining a level head under pressure, accessing pertinent documents, and creating a crisis plan to guide them and ensure estates are dissolved in compliance with laws.

Cost: $250

•Access to our exclusive “Incapacitated Roadmap”
•Digital estate planning
•Family conflict diminishment strategies
•Responsibility allocation
•How to avoid probate and expensive court fees
•Executor tool exploration to track after-life affairs

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants a complete overview of Funeral Planning and certainty that they are getting the facts
A head-of-household that wants to prepare for life transitions

Aquamarine: Plan A Partae To Die For

A one-day virtual retreat for funeral planning, cremation, & beyond

We are on a mission to help after you understand all of the options & costs associated with planning your memorial & going home celebration.”  Do you really want your family to pick your funeral outfit? How will your body be disposed of & what will it cost?

An in-depth look at the pre-need industry and the types of products that can be used to pay for funeral arrangements before death, such as final expense insurance, pre-need insurance, and pre-need trusts.

Attendees will learn about the features and benefits that these products offer as well as the different state and federal laws they must comply with when preplanning and prepaying their funerals.

We teach you everything you need to know about financing the going away party you deserve without going into debt or leaving your loved ones spending thousands for things you didn’t want. You also receive access to premium obituary designs, digital materials, and information validation to prepare for the celebration and save your loved ones the additional burdens.

Cost: $250

•Planning of funeral-related activities
•Budgeting for remains disposal
•Cost and eco-friendly seminars
•Family communication strategies
•Obituary & program designs
•Funeral planning checklist
•Cultural resources

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants a complete overview of Funeral Planning and certainty that they are getting the facts
A Head-of-Household that wants to prepare for life transitions

The Value You Get


We care about you, your preferences, and your family. We help you plan the best for yourself and give you a way to speak when you can’t.

We are on a mission to help after you leave and safeguard the legacy continuum with integrity that fulfills your wishes. This way we contribute and pay back to y/our community. Join this noble cause!

So we are striving to give you enough flexibility to make choices and choose between the Low Tech OR High-Tech version. You Can Choose!



Half-Day Workshop Design a flawless obituary
$ 125
  • Design an obituary everyone will remember by knowing what to include and choosing the photo you want
  • Learn essential elements to include
  • Ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors
  • Save your loved ones time looking for pertainent details
  • Source cool Obituary & Program Designs
  • Obituary Writing Checklist
Half-Day Workshop AnnualLiving Refreshed
$ 125
  • “Have you considered The Five D’s: Death, Disability, Disaster, Divorce, Disagreement“
  • 5-Step Annual Estate Refresh Checklist
  • Workplan for Future Life Changes
  • Documented Transitions: Wins
  • Source resources to get unstuck
  • Update, Finalize & Notorize Paperwork

Peer-Group Estate Planning Program
$ 300
  • Scope your estate plan to build upon the DIY Baseline Plan
  • Build your Legacy Team
  • Understanding How to Transfer Assets
  • Family Communication Strategies
  • 15+ Checklist, worksheets & digital tools options
  • 90-Day Game Plan to complete outstanding items
Business Owners Succession Exit Strategy Program
$ 300
  • Mind Your Business- Avoid conflicts related to business interests in case of sudden death or incapacitation
  • 10-Step Organization Exit Checklist
  • Diminish a Conflict of Interest
  • Family business seccession planning
  • Mediation coaching for business conflcts
  • Business Scorecards & Assessments


Workshop: Living Refreshed

Annually review your estate work plan to stay current and level-set expectations with a new lens


Workshop: Flawless Obituary

Design an obituary everyone will remember by knowing what to include and choosing the photo you want

Peer Groups

An intimate group of peers that want a true sense of community and safe space to discuss, take action, and celebrate success together

Do-It-With-Me (DIWM)

People who are more private, are said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective. They want 1:1 support or would rather have the tools to DIY

COVID-19 Emergency Estate Kit COVID-19 Emergency estate kit Newly diagnosed with COVID 1-week to live emergency end of life kit End of life emergency planning kit 24-hr estate planning kit

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