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Plan a Partae to Die For!

Talking about death won’t kill you (+ can save you a lot of money).

Throughout our lives, we plan for a multitude of events, from getting married to changing jobs to having children. Perhaps the one thing that many people tend to avoid talking about and planning for is death, despite its inevitable nature.

However, a growing number of people today are choosing to plan and pay for their funerals in advance.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association’s latest consumer survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans acknowledge the importance of making prearrangements. By funeral pre-planning, individuals can be assured that their last wishes are carried out, thereby removing the guesswork and stress placed upon surviving family members. By pre-paying for a funeral, individuals can also be assured that the financial burden of paying for their final expenses does not fall on loved ones.

We all want to learn about what is necessary to live and make it in life. No one discusses this with you at an age where you can objectively comprehend that death is certain and at times unforeseen. If you have children, the guardian should be the respectable authority to introduce this topic; however, that isn’t always the case.

Our training covers how to structure and organize your life to prepare yourself and your family to comfort and support you before you can’t speak for yourself. There are multiple paths you can take …


Explain the importance of funeral service professionals in developing relationships with the families and communities they serve

Etiquette & Customs

Knowing what to say and do when a friend or loved one has died can be difficult. We give you guides full of “Dos and Don’ts” to help make handling difficult situations just a little bit easier.


In-depth look at the pre-need industry and the types of products that can be used to pay for funeral arrangements before death: notably, final expense insurance, pre-need insurance, and pre-need trusts


We have everything you’ll need to do your funeral planning including expert advice, free guides, forms and advanced planning tools that are convenient and easy-to-use

Obituary Retreat

Writing the obituary can be challenging. Few people can be objective enough to write their own.

Losing your Pet

The grief you feel over the loss of a pet should never be minimized.


What you’ll gain

Acknowledging our mortality
Feel confident in sharing your final wishes
Explain & select how you want your remains disposed
Understand techniques to negotiate funeral costs/expenses
Explain the difference between cremation, burial & sustainable options
Understand why it is so powerful to scope out your plans to deliver even the most complex arrangements to your Executor
Feel confident in covering the full costs prior to your passing
Indicate your wishes & beliefs
Understand techniques to pass along generational wealth
How to help others (including our pets) when they are dying

The Value You Get


We care about you, your preferences, and your family. We help you plan the best for yourself and give you a way to speak when you can’t.

We are on a mission to help after you leave and safeguard the legacy continuum with integrity that fulfills your wishes. This way we contribute and pay back to y/our community. Join this noble cause!

So we are striving to give you enough flexibility to make choices and choose between the Low Tech OR High-Tech version. You Can Choose!


There are no pre-requisites for this course. We explain everything from the ground up


The Plan A Partae To Die For 1-Day retreat (virtual) takes an in-depth look at the pre-need industry and the types of products that can be used to pay for funeral arrangements before death: notably, final expense insurance, pre-need insurance, and pre-need trusts. Attendees will also learn about the features and benefits that these products offer, as well as the different state and federal laws they must comply with when preplanning and prepaying their funerals. This retreat is available to all funeral preppers, who want to make their own funeral decisions or find a way to open the discussion on this topic with a loved one.

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

  1. Complete, concise, contextual overview of funeral planning- You will be confident that you have learned the possibilities of products/services.
  2. Confidence in sourcing funding – We teach you everything you need to find the right financing solutions for the going away party you deserve, without going into debt or leaving your loved ones spending thousands for things you didn’t want.
  3. You get premium obituary designs and digital materials to prepare for the celebration and the ability to validate the information, saving your loved ones the burden of getting it wrong!

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants a complete overview of Funeral Planning & Eco-Friendly Options
A loved one preparing for the passing of someone close
An individual who wants answers to frequently misunderstand points within body decomposition
An expert Pre-Planner that wants a concise, quick refresher in the end-of-life services

Retreat Together

An Intimate group of peers that want a sense of community and space to discuss, take action and celebrate success.

Retreat Quietly

A person who “private” is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective. Wants attentive, 1:1 support.

Exitbliss Products  & Services Help You in Following Ways

Get started with what matters the most
Reference your document repository
Choose your Representative to speak for you
Post-death roadmap and execution planning
Improve resolution and avoid conflicts
Put your thoughts on paper to pen your legacy
Equitable networking opportunities
Make most of your decisions while you’re alive
Get your wishes honored
Safeguard important estate planning contents


Eco-Friendly Pre-Planning1-day Memorial Retreat
$ 250
  • Plan a Party to Die For- Become the Peacemaker in the time of chaos by initially scoping funeral related activities
  • Funding the Dispose of Remains
  • Understanding Funeral Costs v. Eco-Friendly options
  • Family Communication Strategies
  • Obituary & Program Designs
  • Funeral Planning Checklist & Cultural Resources
Empowered Executors -The Day Life Depends on Others
$ 250
  • “When you are taking your last breath…who’LL BE your voice? Your Executor will need access to your pertinent documents, a level head, and a crisis plan to guide them to ensure your life and the estate is dissolve in compliance with laws!
  • Diminish family conflicts with a digital estate
  • Divvy up responsibilities
  • Avoid probate and expensive court fees
  • Explore Executor tools to track all after death affairs
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