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Zoom Video Link and Summary of ExitBliss Death Café Launch

Zoom Video Link and Summary of ExitBliss Death Café Launch with host Blaire G. Hervey : Every single thing starts somewhere, and 6 December 2020 was the first presentation by Gloria Coleman on the launch of ExitBliss, her idea and startup around organizing, planning, and the processes around dying.

Find more information about how to join here, or get yourself prepared with a 4-week program, or if you want to sign up for help writing your obituary or a 1-day retreat, and sign up BELOW to stay in touch.

Zoom Video Link and Summary

  INTRODUCING and the team!

Gloria shared her insights around the 5 Ds, the big life transitions that may have taken place within the last year to each of us. Think of:

  • Disaster (think the wildfires in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California in the summer)
  • Divorce (these days 40% of all marriages fail in the first 5 years)
  • Death (this will happen to all of us, at some point in time)
  • Disability (are you prepared?)
  • Disagreement (within the family and close friends)

Gloria’s partner with Four Forces Inclusive Network Community, Jennifer Breedlove, confirmed the personal motivations she has discovered to have corporate affairs around mortality and business succession made in order, plus to pass along general wealth within communities.

Mazarine Treyz, with Wild Woman Fundraising, who specializes in women roles within the nonprofit fundraising industry, recommended her mother to attend the next Death Café event (find the link to register on Eventbrite here).

Zoom Video Link and Summary

And Kierra Taplin from Healing Footprints Foundation, who started a Georgia nonprofit. The Healing Footprints Foundation arranges headstones to families in distress from infant loss, spoke about the workings of grief.

Kierra herself has become a death doula to help others deal with the amounts of suffering and grief that result from the sudden death of an infant or child within a family and a couple.


Zoom Video Link and Summary

Later on Erin McCune from Easeenet (the local Oregon partnering company for digital vault storage) spoke about their company’s ideas.

They provide online digital vault and password services via a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. She expounded upon the advantages of online storage for documents and IDs, while traveling or during disasters, and the incorporated safety features of their system.


See her Zoom Video Link and Summary launch with Blaire G. Hervey hosting on Zoom HERE.

Zoom Video Link and Summary

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